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Reformer Films is founded by Samir R. Patel and uses a talented network of filmmakers, cinematographers, strategists, creative directors, editors and animators who all share a passion for telling stories. With both freelance and agency experience, we help marketers, CEO’s, and design teams transform how they engage online. A small example of our diverse history includes directing an eight camera (including helicopter) video and photo shoot for the City of London; overseeing a redesign of Virgin Mobile’s website and providing them with a digital strategy ‘playbook;’ advising on how best to leverage social media channels; and facilitating innovation workshops.

We’ve worked in Ghana, China, Cambodia, India, United Kingdom, the Arctic Circle in Canada, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, France, Germany and across the United States. Current and past clients include Virgin Mobile, GE, Architecture Foundation, City of London, IMAX, AT&T, Johnson & Johnson, NBC Universal, Deitch Gallery, and Citibank.

We are storytelling reformers, insurgents against bland media.